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Mining Engineering

Our specialty is surface coal mine engineering, but be sure to ask us about any other mining engineering needs you may have! We not only handle virtually any permit-related work, but several other services related to mining. And a Professional Engineer (PE) on staff to oversee and stamp your documents, our team will always be in legal compliance for your company.

Click here to contact us for a free initial quote of your project today! Below is a list of most of our current offerings in mining engineering:


  • Reclamation Permits (SMACRA)
  • Division of Water Permits (KPDES–individual and general)
  • Transportation Permits
  • Encroachment Permits
  • USACE Jurisdictional Determinations
    • 404 Permits
    • Storm Water Discharge Permit
    • Stream Mitigation Plans
  • Blasting Plans
  • State and Federal Mine Licensing
  • Oil/Gas Well Permits
    • Drilling Permits
    • Plats
    • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
    • Facility Response Plan (FRP)
    • Reclamation Plans


  • New Permit Application Creation and Filing
  • Amendments
  • Revisions
  • Renewals
  • Transfers
  • Exploration Applications
  • Bond Release
    • Phase I
    • Phase II
    • Phase III
  • Structure Certification
    • Annual
    • Quarterly
  • Site Planning; includes:
    • Mine Design and Layout
    • Ground Control Plan
    • Pond Design/Layout
    • Hollow Fill Placement
    • Spoil Placement
    • Earthwork Calculations
  • Project Evaluation
    • Environmental Evaluation
    • Mine Safety
    • Reserve Studies/Calculation
  • Pit Surveys
  • Highwall Miner Alignment Surveys
  • Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation
  • Stockpile Volume Estimates (coal, gravel, sand, limestone, etc.)